Yes, I felt low this morning. Yes I felt like treating myself to something puddingish at lunchtime – to which end I indulged in the rice pudding that they were serving up in the canteen. I had a good write/revise, and I ate nice food, and slowly I dwelt less.

Now, I have got back ‘on the bike’ and put in another application – or rather a couple of applications – for Production Editors jobs on Humanities/Geography journals at Taylor & Francis. It occurs to me, that the reasons why that role didn’t work out at Blackwell were odd and unusual (and here, Helen ‘the best manager in the world’ Birchall would agree with me). I think a lot of it had to do with the highly technical, long half-life nature of the journals, and also the artificial way that that I took over. Usually you ‘sink or swim’ into new jobs and if you mess up, you learn from it, and don’t make the mistake again. But I wasn’t able to mess up because my work was being checked by the previous encumbant who had a very scientific background. And I didn have lots of successes and strengths, learnt a lot through that time and improved greatly. No wonder then, that my brain couldn’t cope with everthing it was supposed to… :-

So yes, will give it another go. If I can preserve the redundancy payment then what have I got to loose? 😉