I had the satisfaction this morning of phoning up the Stagecoach-Oxford bus company to make a complaint about a bus driver. At 8:20 this morning on the Woodstock Road (for people who know Oxford, near where the bus lane ends) the driver of the X5 bus was discourteous, dangerous, and down-right aggressive.

I was cycling in the Cycle/Bus Lane, minding my own business. Ahead of me there was another bus pulled in to a bus stop, just before the lane ends, and there were cars queuing up in the road ahead. Despite this, this particular driver of the X5 Stagecoach bus felt it necessary to rev his engine, honk his horn, gesticulate wildly out the window, and shout abuse at me – for being in the cycle lane. He displayed a lack of knowledge of the simple road signs (the ones that indicate shared bike/bus use of a lane), and an inability to read the road conditions ahead (he wasn’t able to drive further ahead even if he had been able to pass me), quite apart from obviously not concentrating on the matter at hand, ie. driving the bus safely.