I left my bedroom door open last night when I went to bed. At 5 o’clock in the morning, Arthur came in, but still no Bella. At 6 o’clock I got up quickly, and got ready, thinking that I would have time to have a wander out onto the road to look for her. As I was having my breakfast she came in for her breakfast. In retrospect, I think, unusual though it is, that for two days we just missed each other, and she had come back during the day yesterday, and wasn’t in fact missing.

Swapped my bicycle for the bus today, so that I could carry the ailing comp into work, and have it on hand when phoning the Dell support line. Fearing an argument with an Indian call centre, what I actually go was a very nice man in Ireland. I jumped through all his diagnostic hoops until, predictably, the screen died. After I said it wasn’t going to be possible to copy off the data from the computer anytime soon to do a factory reset, he agreed to send an engineer out tomorrow, under my (thankfully one year left to run) service contract.

So the computer is fixed, and more importantly, Bella is back. Good times! 🙂