1. Bella went out on Monday evening, not that there is anything surprising about that. What was surprising is that she didn’t come back; not on Monday night, not on Tuesday morning for breakfast, and not on Tuesday night for tea. Arthur too, seemed to be a bit sad, and like he was missing her, and I began to fret and worry. Last night I set the catflap to in-only, and left my bedroom door open. At about 5 o’clock I got woken by Arthur coming to join me. Still no Bella. As I was shaving, she returned, and she’s fine, the little minx!!

2. My computer died last night. Or at least the LCD screen bit of the computer died. It would work briefly before cutting to black after increasingly short amounts of time. This morning, after fearing a stressful and fruitless phone call to an Indian call centre I actually had a not too traumatic phone call to a nice man in Ireland. 🙂 After jumping through the usual diagnostics hoops, they are sending out someone tomorrow to replace the screen (and yes, they will come to work to do it!)

3. I’ve now pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book for delivery to my brothers on Saturday 21st. I can then pick it up on the way to Norfolk for my long weekend.

4. Also ordered, via Amazon marketplace, the necessary to complete my ‘costume’ for the Blackwell literary-character themed summer party at the end of the month.

5. Currently considering splashing some cash on a new external hard drive to back up my computer. I do do that anyway from time to time, but the events of (2) have made me realise I need to it more, and both my computer and my current backup unit are close on capacity. Anyone have recommendations. Amazon are currently selling a Western Digital 500Gb one for 80 quid