I love books. I love words. I love reading, and getting lost in a good story. It’s probably one of, if not, the most fantastic ever. My regret is that I don’t read nearly enough as I would like – in other words I don’t devote enough time to writing. I’d say that it was the curse of the writer, and I guess to to a certain extent that’s true, that so much of the time when I might otherwise be reading, I am writing. But I know that I can’t really blame my lack of reading on this, because I know writers out there who consume the number of books that I’ve read in this year to date (yes, I’m keeping a reading log) in this and every month – at least. Helen, I think you know I’m talking about here… 😉

So yes, I’m making myself a mid-year resolution to read more. I’m hoping my reading log might spur me on in this.