1. Cold though it might have been to get up to this morning, the quality of light and crispness to the air, and the smell of the day was gorgeous. It was the kind of day that reminds me why I love Autumn.

2. Today is my 5 Month Anniversary being with Emma. It’s funny to think how we’ve been going out for a whole summer season. It’s not been the summer I would ever have imagined I would have, but it has been one of the coolest… 🙂

3. I have another interview lined up for next week. Back at T&F this time it’s for an eProduction Editor job – basically some kind of quasi print and online position. Nice thing about this one is that its one where they approached me.

4. I’m on the cusp of completing the revisions to chapter 12 of That Novel, thanks to some productive lunchtimes. If I remember the rest of the story from then on it, then I should begin to pick up speed again. I always knew that Part Two was going to take some work (ie. there was some absolutely atrocious stuff there!)

5. One more week and I’m holiday (at last). To be precise, I’m currently working my last Friday in September (now that’s got make one feel good). Tomorrow, I shall head into town to pick up the last remaining bits and bobs for The Return to Wasdale: 10 years on…