Today has been a bit lazy, although we did venture out to Stowe Landscape Gardens. Defeated by going in the gardens because of high winds (although curiously the NT tea rooms situated in portacabins amongst tall trees was open?!) we walked in the deer park where the only thing that might fall on you was a sodding great obelisk. Weird. Great light though of the storms raging elsewhere. You can see some pictures here:

After we got back to some well-deserved hibernation indoors, we did some cookie baking – Emma wanted gingerbread decorations to hang on her tree. Waiting for them to cook, and rolling and cutting the next batch, it all got very silly.

At this point, it should be noted that there has been no actual, formal proposal to date, but we have decided that when we do get married, we are going to get married at Craflwyn Hall, which we reckon, bearing in mind you get the accommodation all in for price, is actually pretty good value (plus its really beautiful – although there is that ghost – we think – in Room 5…). I’m guessing you will recognize the place!  We also even got so far as writing down our guest lists, which off the top of our heads, after I remembered to include my mum and dad and brother, came to around 35 a piece (coincidently Craflwyn can seat 70). Are we thinking about this too much? Next, we were wondering if we could march everyone up the hill afterwards for photographs by the giant seat…?

I also now have a little chart in the back of the writing notebook. It’s entitled ‘Emma’s fingers’ and consists of Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, Little down one side, and Left and Right across the top, with the measurements and ring sizes in the middle. Clever, huh?!

We are thinking about this waaaayyyyyy too much aren’t we?!!