The coldest, bleakest, most miserable day of weather. Bella and Arthur, having breakfasted nipped out through the cat flap only to return within half an hour to lick themselves dry and curl up at opposite ends of the sofa. I didn’t get going quite as early as I intended, but even so had a productive morning. I finished my Christmas letter (don’t worry its not of the awful, snobby, third-person variety) but suitably self-deprecating. 🙂

I went into town to pick up some bits and bobs, found Emma’s Christmas present (I think she will like it – its very nice but I’m not making the same mistake again…), and treated myself to the new Harry Potter dvd. I picked the 2-disc special off the shelf in Woollies and took it to the counter. They fetched the same version out the drawer and tried to charge me more. They even went and brought me back the shelf-ticket with the more expensive price, so I showed them the rack that I got them from with the cheaper price ticket. I won. 🙂

I came back home and made my first mince pies of the season whilst printing my Christmas letter. Then, in one of the bleakest, wettest drives ever, I took myself over to meet Emma at Grannie’s house in Amersham. After a swift lea (lunch and tea combined?) we went Chrissy shopping in John Lewis, and picked up Emma’s mum before going to theirs for tea.

Over dinner, Emma’s mum asked (eagerly) why it was that we wanted to come to dinner tonight and whether (looking at me) we had anything we wanted to ask. Umm… not yet, I know we made those lists last weekend and decided on a venue, but no. Nothing on that score yet!