1. Today I headed down Newbury for my Web Designer interview. So, say they were looking for several people with various levels of experience, so I thought this sounded quite good. I found the place okay, or be it on a run down industrial estate down a dead-end road opposite a garage that takes in crashed cars, and my bit of the interview went well, but it quickly became clear that: a) there was one job available, and b) they wanted someone with a lot of experience able to basically set up a web side of the business. My experience comes no where close, and I’m a bit niffed that they are going through the pretense of looking at people with less experience.

2. One of the guys interviewing me was a right oily one too; sitting in such a way as to show off his designer Hugo Boss belt. I think this might be a case of even if they want to take this further, I’m not sure if I do.

3. I managed to save something from an otherwise gorgeous day. I got all my Christmas cards written, and addressed and ready to post. 🙂

4. A bit of a to do is developing in the wind band camp at the moment. Janet has sent an email about the programme that is quite simply, very rude, and its got up both Kathy and my noses. To add insult to injury, I need to one little change to the programme, but my copy of Adobe CS has stopped working.

5. A much better evening, if damn cold for driving. I went over to Emma’s mum and dad’s for her birthday tea. Chille and jacket potatoes followed by a Gu tart. Emma loved the necklace that I bought her, a twisted white gold heart with (imitation diamonds). As she said, I really, really shouldn’t have. But yes, yes I did. 🙂