Sunday 16 December 22:14

No lie-in in the life of Thomas, today. We were up with the dawn the thawing frost, and after breakfast, a quick check of the email, we were off, and back on the road, back down to Maidenhead. Emma’s oldest school-friend arrived with her two kids, Alex and Caitlin, for their pre-Christmas visit of ‘Aunty Emma’, and Emma gave the kids their presents, which they opened, and then I spent about the next hour helping Alex assemble the first 3 of 15 stages of his new Meccano racing car. All good fun!

In the afternoon we hit the road again, this time for a pub in Gerrard’s Cross for the Chalfont vets Christmas do. Sue and Steve, and Debbie and Matt, Helen (and Nick in absence), and Emma and I all shared stories of how we met, and Emma and I revealed the truth that our first kiss was in a graveyard.

Following the lunch, and after dropping Helen first, and then Emma back home, I hit the road for the last time of the weekend, and completed my 290 miles since Friday evening, and the ¾ tank of petrol, road trip of a weekend!