1. It seems that Amazon have bought JK Rowling’s Tales of Beedle and Bard. The reviews are quite extensive, but I haven’t found the time, or sufficient inclination to read them I’m afraid.

2. As I was leaving work today, the fire alarms started going off (actually they started going off as I was mid-widdle in the toilets). Since I was already coated up, and had my bag with me, I just continued to leave as normal, but it was quite odd to be leaving the building as everyone was traipsing out into the freezing cold and turning left to head to the marshalling point as I headed right into town. I wonder how many other’s decided it was close enough to home time that they just grabbed their stuff and ran.

3. Three more Christmas cards in the mailbox today – they are coming in slowly. 🙂 Actually two and a half, as one of them was from my brother and was addressed to Emma as well, but it matches up with the other half on Emma’s string from her Grannie. 🙂

4. Wow! Tense or nervous or what. I’ve just bought, for possibly a little bit of silly money, the very rare, and very sought-after The Church Mice Take A Break – the last in the series of Graham Oakley’s masterful books about the church mice and of Sampson, the church cat who takes a vow never to harm mice. The end of the auction coincided with the 90 minute long phone conversation with Emma. We both love those books, and now, whee-heee, I’ve got the entire set *coughs* well, we’ve got the entire set (plus a couple of duplicates). Yeah, I know, I really shouldn’t have spent the money on it, what with it being Christmas and of me having already spent the most I’ve spent at Christmas in my life this year, but please, this is the Church Mice you are talking about here. You’ve got to have the church mice books haven’t you?

5. I love my girlfriend. We share the same kind of insanity as each other. I’m so lucky to have found her. I mean, who else could have coped with me hitting refresh on my computer every few seconds whilst talking to her on the phone, and who actually got excited with me as I went through the process of completing (4) above?! She’s great. I love Emma so much. 🙂