1. We had a really heavy frost last night, and it was absolutely beautiful across the fields and in the hedgerows on the way to work. It was damn cold though, and by the time I got to Oxford we were plunged into fog – a fog that never really lifted all day. Damn cold.

2. I’m on holiday. This evening I have been packing ready for the most logistically planned Christmas I’ve ever had. Umm, beginning tomorrow. Don’t even get me started.

3. I had a really nice phone call with Emma earlier tonight. I say this like its a bit of a surprise, which it shouldn’t be because we always have nice conversations, but today’s was particularly good. Particularly coming after yesterday, when I was a bit grumpy and whingy and fed up. Emma put her finger on why that was though, it was because I had built up yesterday’s conversation in my mind as being this really good, companionable one where we would both be wrapping our presents at the same time, talking on speakerphones. And I had been looking forward to this, but then the reality of technology and hearing and being heard just didn’t work out. She really is such a star to put up with me. 🙂

4. I had a second call with Emma this evening, mainly just to update her with possible logistics for tomorrow (having spoken to my mum). She really is remarkable my girlfriend. I mentioned that I needed to remember my flute, and she hooked out her recorder and started playing carols down the phone to me. Okay, so she didn’t know what the notes were and she didn’t have any music to read, and she hadn’t played recorder in who knows how many years, but they were recognisably carols. Just think what she could do if given music… 😉

5. Did I say? I’m on holiday now for the rest of the year! 😀