1. For the first day of my Christmas holidays I managed to get up early, or should I say, on time for a change. I guess its an incentive thing. If what I am doing that day is either, a) fun, or b) interesting (as can be demonstrated last time I had an intellectually demanding job), I actually can get up. Anyhow, I breakfasted, finished packing waaaayyyy too much stuff, and set off just before 9 o’clock.

2. My Swimathon T-shirt and towel (awarded for raising £300) arrived this morning. This was the package that arrived on Wednesday, at the same time as my Church Mice book arrived in another part of the country. Not bad, I guess, 9 months after I completed the swim, I get my towel! Apparently they are going to give me free entry to next years Swimathon too. Guess I have to give it a go again then…

3. Drive down to my parents was uneventful. And when I did get home, my extravagent ebay purchase was waiting for me. Hehe! Now I have The Church Mice Take a Break I have a complete set again. It’s fab. I’ve read it already, and in the great tradition of church mice books the words really do only tell half the story. It’s great. I read it on the way up to Maidenhead, and under my dad’s insistance, I read it out loud to my Mum and Dad.

4. We arrived at Maidenhead on schedule and collected Emma, before heading on to Grampa’s in clear skies and sunshine. Emma and I had a nice little walk with Barney down by a mirror-pond-like Thames, before joining my mum and dad. Grampa wasn’t really on top form today, but it was nice to see him again anyhow. I thought he brightened up a bit when we introduced him to Emma, but then he really wasn’t hearing at all well today, and our visit was curtailed.

5. In ‘Geek News’, I now have three dial-up modems connected to my computer. The built-in one it came with, an old PCMCIA card one because I thought the former wasn’t working properly and a Emma’s USB one. Strangely, neither of my two modems seem to like Emma’s phone line, but Emma’s one does like it, which is good, as I can now check my email from her house on my computer.