1. It feels a little empty waking up to Christmas Eve with Emma gone back home. The weather reflects my mood, engaging frost and cold and magicness is replaced by a hibernating weather of cold greyness – real Dark Comes Rising weather…

2. We get the turkey in, and hatch plans to make devils on horseback, and head out on a walk from Ogdens, and round Hasley Wood. It’s airy and blows the cobwebs away. We come back to soup for lunch.

3. I sort through my photos from the last two days and post belated entries to these pages.

4. I curl up in the (very agreeable) lounge and read my book. I am close to finishing it, which is good, as tomorrow will doubtless bring a stack more, and I like to start a new book on Christmas day. 🙂

5. Have just watched Carols from Kings and, if there was any doubt, Christmas has definitely begun. Slightly jarring though was the mention of a poem by Alan Titchmarsh in the readings. It was good, and I enjoyed it, I just felt it a little odd to suddenly hear his name thrown into a carol service. It’s probably just because I wasn’t aware that he had written religious poetry.