1. We had a really nice walk with Barney this morning; down to Ogdens, over to Hasley Wood and back along the Latchmoor. Half way round though, as the wind began to blow in ever more stiffly, something spooked the horses as they came galloping up past us, and tore across the ford. Birds, big and black were circling in an uneven sky – definitely a change, and not perhaps for the good.

2. Dad came down with a bug, or something, bad enough that he skipped through our cold-turkey lunch and the remains of the pud and took himself off to bed. Hope he’s feeling better soon. I think he might be as he’s ventured down now for a cup of tea.

3. And so it comes to packing for going home, and this leads me to another question. Granted, I have two cats and all their gear with me, but … why is it that I so much stuff with me?! And how am I going to fit it all in.

4. My computer is acting strangely. I’ve had a few hard disc type errors recently, it won’t successfully finish a system restore anymore, and its running quite hot. Not good. Must attempt a full backup soon I think and try the guys at Dell for support.

5. Off to Emma’s tomorrow to celebrate the new year. I may be writing my updates offline for a few days, and catch up later. I’m quite excited. I’ve never been into London Town to see in the New Year for fireworks by the Thames.