Another day of exploring new places. After a leisurely breakfast – Emma cooked us a very good fry-up, we went for a walk as the sun broke through. We were going to go to Burnham Beeches, but decided to go for a walk at Boulter’s Lock instead as we were passing through a sun-soaked Maidenhead.

We sat and watched the ducks and the geese on the Thames and a big barge going through the lock. Then, we visited for the first time (for both of us), Boulter’s Lock Island – apparently where Richard Dimbleby once lived – and we found a very nice little garden with some aviaries that remind me very much of Kensington Gardens on the cliffs at Lowestoft.

It’s greyed over by now and turned cold, so we make our return home for hot soup for lunch. In the afternoon, Emma cleans exceptionally dirty cars, and I fix a new (and easier) lock to the French windows (If I’m staying here for four days there’s no way I’m going to cope with the existing one!). *grins*

In the evening we go for an entertaining (early) New Year’s roast at Emma’s parents with Helen and Nick. I wash up the most amount of pots and pans ever and then Emm’s mum makes me laugh and I almost chokes to death on my coffee as I check train times to London for tomorrow.