1. The holiday’s over. It’s back to work in the morgue. And to add frustration to boredom, the damn computer took the best part of an hour to sort itself out so that I could actually open more than one programme at the same time and use it.

2. It’s damn cold. It’s grey. It’s the depths of winter.

3. I have an interview for another job on Friday. It’s a Web Designer role in Summertown, for a company called 2 Degrees Ltd (I can’t give a website link because they haven’t got one yet!). I’m not even entirely sure what the job is all about, but a little googling reveals that (if it’s the same company) then: 2Degrees’ mission is to assist business to overcome this challenge by responding more rapidly and innovatively to reduce their environmental footprint and to build a competitive advantage through the accelerated development of green business (g-business) partner networks. 2Degrees will be the first on-line and off-line community where business managers, entrepreneurs, technologists, policy advisors and investors will be able to meet to network and develop, or roll-out green business (g-business) solutions and companies. The 2degrees service is delivered through a combination of Web2.0 technologies and face-to-face networking events.. I think the job might be to build a social networking site for climate change interested business people – but I might be wrong. Could be interesting…

4. Apparently the dry season or April to October is the best time to visit Namibia. Also, this photographer has already done weddings at Craflwyn

5. It’s damn cold. And it’s getting colder.