Today I managed to not fall into the age-old Saturday trap of not getting up, though later than a weekday, early enough to not waste the morning. By the time I did get up, I found that the postie had already been and delivered my amazon parcel of Katie Melua’s Pictures and the Jamie at Home book. This is good. I had breakfast and listened to my new cd and chose a menu from the book to cook tomorrow.

Then it was vacuuming around and changing the sheets on the bed, before heading over to Thame. In the nice cookshop there I found a ‘flavour shaker’ finally – that shop is so great its bad and its evil (I could spend a fortune in there every week!). I really shouldn’t have done, but I also bought bread and olives from the Italian deli – you have to buy something when you go in because the smell that hits you is just so gorgeous.

Emma arrived in the afternoon, and we went for a walk in the woods, before looking through – with a certain amount of gobsmackedness – at the wedding magazine that Emma bought. We’ve decided on a date based on Craflwyn’s availability: 23 May 2009 (the day after my birthday).

Then I cooked Emma a delicious mushroom risotto from my new Francesco’s Kitchen cookery book. It was delicious, and fun to cook as well. Dried mushrooms really are the most incredible things!