1. Got home this evening and switched on the laptop. Hard disc error: no bootable drives. I try repeatedly, on and off, on and off. Eventually leave it and sort out Bella and Arthur’s feeding for the weekend with Kathy over the road. Coming back to it it did start up again, but I decided to contact Dell. The nice man (in Bangalore?) did run me through the diagnostic hoops and had me take out and reset the hard drive and it is working now, but then it always was intermittent. Half an hour it took me, and at least I’ve placed the marker in the sand that there might be a problem. Just have to do regular backups.

2. I propose a motion of incompetence in … our band librarian. After the Christmas concert in December, Alan collected in all the music pads. We all thought that this was to take out what we’re not playing again, and put in the new music for this term. But no. We all get to rehearsal tonight to discover that he hasn’t done any of that, and we have to hand out all the music and collect in all the old music before we can start playing. Useless! Absolutely f-ing inconsiderate of the irritating old fart. /rant

3. Because of wind band tonight I haven’t spoken to Emma tonight, and I miss it dreadfully. Going to bed now, I feel like there has been something missing in my day. Please, please, please can I get my job situation sorted so that we can think about getting a new place and making it our home.