Fingers crossed, and touching wood, my laptop has been behaving itself since the hard disk related glitches and the Dell support call of last week. Which is good, because at only 2½ years old, I really don’t want to upgrade it yet. Particularly as the future I have been waiting for looks like it might almost be here.

The news of a 4mm thick computer from Apple that fits in a wallet envelope interests me greatly. I’ve always been a PC person to date, hence the reason that when I went wireless and got myself a laptop I went with a Dell PC, but since then I seem to know so many many people who have made the switch, and they do seem to be more stable and reliable (Heck! Even my mum has made the switch!) Do I really need ultra-portability in the form of a MacBook Air?

No. Or at least not yet. One of the reasons why I want/need a laptop is so that I work on my writing from anywhere. Whilst my current laptop is a nice machine and takes up only a little room in my lounge and I can take it away with me at the weekend, it is too heavy and the battery not long-lasting enough to allow me to carry it around with me and work without access to mains power.

That said, the MacBook Air isn’t quite the solution yet (I do like my computer to have a dvd drive), but if they are producing these machines now, then by the time I am ready to upgrade… 🙂