1. My project of spring cleaning continues, and have today sorted through my desk draws and the piles of paper spilling out from the bookshelfs above my desk. I have also relocated computer peripherals into the draw of my hi-fi unit. It’s weird, but just doing that and giving the house a good clean and dust seems to help me feel less cluttered.

2. Made my bi-annual pilgrimage to Bicester Village today. So many shops and so little to buy. I did achieve my aim though and buy some new shoes; one black pair for interviews and concerts and the like, and one every day pair of brown shoes. Whilst in Clarks, I was amazed at just how few ‘nice’ shoes they have. So many of them lack even the faintest resemblance to taste its shocking.

3. Today, obviously being the day for getting things done, has seen me finally repair one of my under-bed drawers. The ‘self-locking’ (yeah, right!) screws had always been a bit on the unreliable side on just this one drawer, and the situation was made worse, when, upon crossing the room a few weeks back, I went one side of the drawer front and my foot went the other. Ouch! And also serious drawer breakage! Still I’ve repaired it with a few brackets, and it’s as good as new.

4. Finished revising Part Three of my novel with the working title of Blood & Fire, not that I’m any clearer as to what the new name is going to be called. I’ve begun a first pass reading of Part Four, and there are some really good bits coming up that I’d forgotten about – some very good bits.

5. I still haven’t tried my hand at polenta and mushrooms yet, but I did make a rather simple but utterly tasty polenta and cheese tonight. So, so simple. So, so nice. 🙂