The ‘first pass’ reading revising of Part Four is primarily for establishing where to subdivide it into (approximately) six chapters, and for refreshing my own mind over what actually happens in the chapter. It’s also useful for getting to grips with the overlying style and possible broader problems with the section.

This part is entitled Midnight Research, and refreshingly it lives up to that with most of the action taking place in the middle of the night, during which time, a lot of study and learning takes place amongst my characters. This is a good thing.

The other thing I notice, particularly in what will become the early chapters of Midnight Research, is the return, big-time, of my chopping and changing style. The problem I will face here is reworking this is that whilst in the early parts of the books where I would cut fast between two different places in the same time, here I am cutting between the different times and places, and building up the meaning by their juxtapositions with each other. Altogether a different matter, this will definitely be interesting.