As I begin my sixth year of writing here, it seems that I should start on this day with something a bit different. Today I sent and received my first valentine card. 🙂

I left work promptly to get home and start cooking a special meal for Emma (skiving off band in the process). I was going to cook a three course meal but in the end decided that the timings were just too complicated in the time available, so skipped out of cooking my polenta and mushrooms recipe. I made a rather delicious potato and asparagus tart from my Jamie Oliver, and we finished off with a Gu chocolate desert (well, you’ve got to have chocolate on Valentine’s day). Then Emma and I exchanged presents and enjoyed a nice evening together.

Emma’s just left now to go home in order to get to bed to get to work tomorrow. I never really like it when we have to part, but tonight has been particularly bad. Maybe soon, we won’t have to say these goodbyes?