Upon returning from Wisley I fixed my puncture* – the first on my new bike, the bike that is approaching its first birthday – and then we went out for a cycle ride around the block. By ‘block’ I mean half a mile or something down Drift Road, through the woods and back round through the village, stopping off at the little shop for supplies of tea. We get home via a shorter if muddier diversion which caused us having to wash down the wheels of our bikes before allowing them back into the house.

Now we are settling back and watching some tele whilst we wait for the casserole to cook. Vegetable in nature, we had so much that the lid was sitting an inch or more proud of the dish, but its cooked down now. Smells yummy! 🙂

*Makes mental note to buy a new repair kit as I only have one patch left…
Which it shares with the anniversary of me meeting Emma
We are never going to be able throw out that bike!