There was a time when, despite my good intentions (and desires to fill acres of time with productive novel writing), I would fritter away Saturday’s with too-slow-a-getting-upping and general faffing. Not anymore. Not since almost a year ago. And its great.

This morning I got up, breakfasted (including hot cross buns), nipped into town to deliver a few things to Oxfam and buy some daffodils and then came home and finished cleaning my house – although, doubtless, some would say that I do not clean the house well enough :- Then, around 12ish my parents turned up (with an exciteable Barney dog), and shortly after, Emma, and we all went off to lunch at the pub in Stratton Audley. We got a table by the fire, and enjoyed a nice meal of simple, unfussy but tastey food (my fish pie was delicious) as the locals gathered to watch (either racing at one end of the bar or) Ireland playing Rugby.

Following a rain shower we headed out to have a walk round the village, and then, at 2 o’clock we arrived at the house in Glen Close for our viewing (me for my repeat viewing…). We love it. The decorative order is a little to be desired, but it has so much potential, and the garden has more to offer than I first thought, with three varieties of apples and a cherry tree already its offering just what we want.

Later we go back and talk through the pitfalls and possibilities and decide that if we can get it – that is to say if it is still available when I get an offer on my house then we will be going for it – over a cup of tea and chocolate eggs and bunnies. Fingers crossed here.

Note to self: when one is making tea for one’s girlfriend and one’s parents, and one lays the tea tray with tea strainer, one should use it instead of inadvertantly pouring out three cups of good tea, one one half cup of tea and one half cup of tea leaves!