1. Today has been a day so much better than we were expecting. With it fresh and bright and sunny we got up and did a last bit of cleaning to ‘arrange’ the house for its 11.30 viewing and then departed, getting the hell out of there ahead of time, we made our way to the huge ‘John Lewis-esque’ garden centre at the new ‘Bicester Avenue’. Returning home a couple of hours later to the smell of freshly baked bread we have some lunch, followed by a short siesta (Emma) and working on the programme for the next concert (Me).

2. Then we went for a walk in the late afternoon sun, down by the Oxfordshire canal at Somerton. It was very nice, and although there were threatening clouds, and rainbows and those sharp contrasts of sun on green fields, dark bluey-purples of clouds, and a rainbow cutting through the sky we didn’t get at all wet on our little walk into a cold wind.

3. On route to the walk we passed by a house for sale in Upper Heyford, an ex-council house set back from the road – admittedly opposite the old US air base – with views all across the Cherwell Valley. Looking it up on rightmove when we got back we discovered it to be (in our opinion) grossly over-priced. Yes, it has the views, but they are only really advantageous from the garden with the master bedroom and lounge facing completely the wrong way, and with a grotty looking conservatory in the way.

4. I made a yummy cauliflower and broccoli cannelloni (minus the (gone off) broccoli) tonight, which was super scrummy. Yumm!

5. It’s clear and starry at the moment. No sign of any storm in the air yet…