I cycled further into town after work this afternoon, however have failed to buy the necessary refills for my photograph albums. I then went in search of a new waterproof, but wasn’t in a good enough mood to make the right decisions so aborted that task. My less than good mood was in part caused by uncertainness about how I’m going to get paid when I switch OUP jobs next month. The HMRC new IR35 regulations seem to make it all awfully complicated and I really don’t want to become a limited company. They say that tax doesn’t have to be taxing. Well it shouldn’t be, they are right. So why do they make it so bl**dy complicated and confusing?!!

Then, leaving town on my bike, the cycle track outside Debenhams does go up the middle of the road and ends at the lights in one of those cycle boxes that put you in front of the motor vehicles. As I pulled away, and crossed over to the right hand side of the ‘dual carriageway’ section of St Giles a taxi driver pulled up along side of me and started having a go at me about how I should learn to be in the right part of the road and then I won’t get killed (?!!). The cheek of it. Umm, I have to say, that some uncharacteristic profundities did escape my lips.

Then, half way up St Giles I got a piece of grit in my eye and behind my lens and it was ow-ow-owwel – I had to stop by the side of the road and try and coax more tears out to wash the grit away, and offer up a few more (uncharacteristic) profundities.

By the time I got back to my car I wasn’t really in the best of moods.