1. Today I’ve been driving Hopcroft Holt’s shiny red Citroen C1 today, which is a ‘boy’s car’ if ever there was one – it’s a bit like a drink’s can really! My car seems to have an oil leak, so I’m currently hoping and praying and touching wood with crossed fingers that its something really easy and cheap to fix. Ggrrr to cars.

2. Yesterday I discovered that I had been shortlisted for interview for the (curiously entitled) Asset Management Coordinator position (?!!) at Pearson

3. My current boss is a really nice guy. However, boy does he yaffle. Now I realise that people in glass houses, really shouldn’t throw stones about things like yaffling, but there is also the old adage that what one finds irritating about other people is something that one is also guilty of. Anyhow, I’m not entirely sure how my boss does it, but he makes the most revolting noise when eating apples. I’ve had to whack my music on full blast to cover it.

4. Eeep! It now seems that I have not one but two interviews next week. A small web design agency in Oxford, at the interesting address of the Old Slaughterhouse want to interview me. I’m not sure if I’m exactly what they are looking for, but I’ve answered their supplementary application questions honestly, and they still want to interview me, so here goes.

5. Crap! Apparently my oil leak is going to mean a new head gasket at some horrible expense, and they can’t do it until after Easter now. Double crap!