Today has not been the best of days. It didn’t start off well; grey and damp, and so after getting wet cycling in yesterday got the bus in to work. I also wore my glasses instead of my contact lens, and didn’t get the warmth of my clothing right so I wasn’t completely comfortable – it was actually quite a stuffy day. I’m not really sure exactly what it is I’m doing in my new job either, and I’m hot-desking so I’m not altogether settled. Everything has been conspiring against me to make me think that I’m never going to get a new job that I enjoy and that interests me.

I’ve also been worrying about going to band tonight. For the last couple of week’s I’ve been trying to resolve a problem with the wind band’s email setup, and as part of this I’ve been asking a couple of people to test the setup. Despite asking (politely) for a quick response on several occasions and leaving time between chasings, last night I still heard anything