1. Emma surprised me by arriving early on Saturday morning and we headed into Thame to get in some shopping for the weekend. Passing briefly through the market square we discover that there was a French market in town. We got seduced by the Pyrenean Mountain cheese, and then headed back to Waitrose for more goodies

2. The original plan was to take in a walk in the country, maybe at Brill Hill, before the house viewing in Grebe Road. In the end, we didn’t have time so headed straight back to Bicester and to a possible house on New Langford Village. Its three bedrooms, of Cotswold stone, and a nice and big, if odd-shaped, south-facing garden, although the kitchen whilst nice had a ridiculously small amount of storage space to it. Whilst waiting outside for Colin The Estate Agent to arrive

3. Back to Brill Hill for a walk in a bitterly cold wind. The windmill is out of scaffolding now and apparently is open to the public. We make a mental note to return for a visit sometime.

4. In the evening we head into Summertown and meet up with my parents at Cibo! for a pre-theatre meal. They’ve come to the theatre via visiting Grandpa, who, I lean is not well. He’s probably had another little stroke, is a pale shadow of his former self. Whilst we wait for our starters we get the phone call that he has died this evening. I was glad that I was sitting next to my dad at the time that he found out. I’m also glad that we were sitting in a restaurant instead of him being in the car on the way home as he might otherwise have been.

5. Ever since I studied for A-Level I have wanted to see Measure For Measure but it is an infrequently produced play. From time to time over the past few years I have been badgering the folk at Creation Theatre to put it on (well, if they will invite me out for dinner as a result of sending hundreds of Blackwell staff to see their shows…), and finally, this year they put it on. Part of the intrigue was the new venue; a converted Victorian swimming pool, although it proved to not much resemble a swimming pool. The production though was fantastic, clever, and effective. A great production.