Just for a change, I headed down to Emma’s on a Friday night for this weekend and we headed on into London. You what? Thomas, going for a Friday night out in London? Are pigs now flying? In Ealing we met up with her veterinary friends and we found our way to the Posh Punjab – a new Indian restaurant on Northfield Avenue. I mention the name, but I don’t provide a website address because a) they don’t seem to have one, and b) we don’t recommend them.

Don’t get me wrong, the food was good (but not outstanding), its just we didn’t get our starters until half past ten (even though we got there a little after 8 o’clock. They forgot our order, couldn’t cope with the numbers and tried to explain that they didn’t know we were a group booking even though a table for 14 was booked(?!!) and didn’t bring out some of the orders. A couple of people even had to have there’s as a take-away due to the late arrival of the main course.

Still, it was good to meet up with some more of Emma’s friends, and the company at least was good. 🙂