Today, it was brought home to us, how completely and utterly unlike last April this April is. Last year, at this time we were bathing in gorgeous and warm sunny weather and the bluebells were already out. I know this because I took photos of the bluebells in my garden with my newly delivered camera – and again took photos of bluebells in Stoke Wood on Sunday – and of new girlfriend with bluebells in Stoke Wood (also on Sunday)… 🙂

Not this year though. I think it would be safe to say that it was thoroughly grey and miserable, and latterly, wet. Not that I had any worse a day for it. Emma came over for lunch. We laughed at my attempts at making Vietnamese rice bread (congealed wallpaper paste really, or baked flour and water – I’m not sure which sounds the more enticing… sic.) and had a nice lunch anyway.

Then we went into Oxford, to visit the Pitt Rivers Museum. In the end, after getting there, we decided there wasn’t time enough to devour its pleasures and so we would come back tomorrow. Instead we went into town, did a bit of pottering, bought a few things and returned home to get ready for our anniversary meal out.

It’s one year on Monday since our first date, and so tonight we went out to dinner, not to Pizza Express (as then), but to The Mole and Chicken, where we ate well – very well – and exchanged gifts. I gave Emma a couple of cds of classical music that she wanted, and she gave me a framed picture of the two of us. 🙂