As Emma and I had promised each other we headed back into Oxford after (a leisurely) breakfast and made our way back to the Natural History and Pitt Rivers museums. Losing ourselves for a couple of hours or more amongst the exhibits (including of course the shrunken heads), peering closely at the tiny handwritten labels and marvelling just how much of a proper museum this is.

Afterwards we headed back to Broad Street for a bite to eat, before walking north up the Banbury Road to find St Hughes College – on the way to the museum we had spotted a National Garden Scheme poster and thought that since the sun was breaking through it might be nice to try and find it. Halfway up St Giles though we are stopped by a thin, panicky, sweat-ridden man with a story about his car being broken down and out of petrol, and no money. He needed to find two different sets of people to borrow a fiver each from to get home. Aware that indeed this could be a con trick we find his story too detailed to be at all possibly made up, and decide to give him his tenner, taking his name and address and phone number so as to arrange the return of the money.

Later, whilst enjoying the peaceful gardens of St Hughes, Emma decides that she doesn’t want the money back; that she feels good for having helped someone. And I kind of agree, although I do wonder if I, personally, would have done the same. I did believe the man, but was that my aspergers making me read things literally? Was there something else that I should have been looking for? Clearly, I still have a lot still to learn.