So it seems that I’m still not that good at handling people who lie to me. In this particular instance, the culprit is just about anyone who works at WHSmith. The photo albums that I like using (black, adhesive leaves, nice big pages, and expandable with refills) come from this shop and suit my needs. I’ve bought quite a number in the past and need a couple more extension packs to finish my 2007 album.

A couple of weeks ago someone in the Oxford branch ordered some for me, they arrived, and I bought them. At that time they also said that I could order them direct from the phone number on the back of the receipt and they would post them to my home address. Last week, I tried this. Firstly, that number is for wedding lists, but then when they did give me the ‘correct’ number, the new lot of people said that I couldn’t order them on the telephone, but put me through to the Oxford store to have some ordered. Which they did, and they said that they would be here within a week.

Today, I phone the branch. No album refills, and no record of my order. Also, apparently they don’t order things for you in store. They can get some delivered and put them by for me (not sure what the difference is) but ordering is when I’ve paid for them in advance. Semantics maybe, but I ‘ordered’ them before and I didn’t pay for them until I collected them.

I don’t deal well with people who lie to me and keep on fobbing me off at every turn…