1. We woke up at half past four this morning. The plan was to get up and go to Burnham Beeches to hear the dawn chorus and have an early morning walk in the woods. But it was already getting light, and the birds were already in full song, so we just walked down the orchard instead. Tomorrow, instead. Tomorrow, we shall get up earlier.

2. After going back to bed for a while, we got up and went to Waitrose for some weekend goodies, before going on to lunch with Emma’s dad, and to collect some wood and roofing felt to repair the rabbit hutch with. It’s a hot day and we made the mistake of leaving the elderflower sorbet and the prawns in the back of the car. Or at least that’s what we thought when we got back in the car…

3. Would you consider me odd to say that the highlight, by far, were the toilets at the Chiltern Open Air Museum? Would it make any difference to say that the toilets were renovated Victorian public toilets? The urinals were so special I had to grab Em to go and have a look too! I love this kind of museum – wandering through fields and woods, coming across old buildings saved from their former locations, sometimes more than once, and erected in new surroundings and dressed in a particular period. From the old village blacksmiths to a single-room school, to a post-war pre-fab bungalow – all are equally fascinating. And the woolly baaa lambs in the village farm are just adorable too! 🙂

4. …back at the car again, we delved into our shopping bags to find the sorbet still cold and the prawns absolutely fine. We therefore deduce that the off-prawn smell filling the car was in fact the PVA glue in the plywood boards. Yuck! Still, at least we don’t have to go back and spend more money on duplicate shopping.

5. Helen and Nick came over for dinner tonight, and Em cooked a delicious pea and prawn risotto (with peas on the side) for us. It was good to have a meal with friends. We should do this more often.