Today has been a good and productive day. Although we didn’t get up very early (the second time) that was because we’d already been up for 3 hours and had a good walk, so it didn’t feel too wasteful having brunch later on.

Then, I set to fixing the dining room chair. Yesterday I had deliberately broken it after taking it apart to discover what size dowel I needed to get and discovered that instead of being held together by two screws and 6 lengths of dowel, it was held together by two screws and one piece of dowel that did not protest much at being ‘broken’ out. Anyhow, dowel and drill bit bought I drilled out the old wood and stuck it all back together. Very successful.

Next, came the rabbit hutch. This took longer to reconstruct as I had to saw bits of wood down to the right size after first demolishing the water-logged (and now, if thick, carboard-like) existing roof. Midway through fixing the new roofing felt Em’s schoolfriend Caroline arrived with the children, so I stopped for a carpenter’s tea break, before finishing off.

As Em was cooking dinner, I was going to have rejuvenating bath but discovered mid-way through filling up the bathtub that we had neglected to put the water back on. So I left it half full of cold water to fill up with hot later. Then thought no more about it. It wasn’t till later in the evening when we were watching the first of the Grand Designs Live programmes that there was a loud crash. I went to investigate and Arthur ran away in a hurry. I got to the bathroom and several bottles had been knocked into the water and the floor was splashed with water. Em came through to tell me that Arthur might have hurt himself as he was walking funny…

…actually Arthur was walking funny because he was sopping wet. Arthur you see likes sitting in baths. Empty baths. He must have jumped in, and got a surprise at landing in the water and jumped out the otherside and knocked the bottles off and then run off. Ridiculous animal.

It has to be said that Ronnie agreed with this view completely. He just stared at Arthur with a That don’t impress me much look about him!