I’m looking into fitting glass doors to the bottom shelfs of my three bookshelfs. Remembering how the one that I had when I was ‘ickle worked I wanted to do this myself by getting some glass doors cut and then fitting some nice simple plastic track for them to slide on. I’ve been doing sporadic searching on the interweb for various combinations of ‘door track’ to see: a) what its actually known as; b) where you can get it from; and c) how much it might be. You would have thought that in this day and age there would be a diy-type stockist site-thing that would have these sort of things listed.

In the end I got bored of searching, and resigned myself to trying my luck at Homebase in the knowledge that I wouldn’t find the thing I was after and the member of staff that I would find wandering the aisles wouldn’t understand what I was after, and when I had explained it to them would announce that they don’t stock anything like it…

…so instead I persued the glass.

This is where I searched the yellow pages and came up against a company called Bicester Glass – glass while’u’wait amongst other more trade solutions. This sounds exactly what I’m after, I thought, and gave them a call. And what a nice man I spoke to. He knew exactly what I was after and was able to give me aproximate prices for my (very) approximate guesswork dimensions, and knew exactly what I needed/wanted for the track (down to bigger at the top than at the bottom so that you can lift the door up and dop it back down into the track. The prices are reasonable. He’s definitely getting my business.

Good, old-fashioned customer service does still exist, oh yeah! 🙂