1. Opticians appointment today. Before leaving work I changed into my shorts and sandals and biked into town. I was there for over an hour in the end, first having my contact lens check (I have slightly less of a stigmatism in my left eye. Then, I had my eyes photographed – with all the blood vessels at the back they kind of look like the surface of Mars, or something you’d see on the NASA website, and my eye test, rounded off with a check on field of vision which involved sticking my head into a giant golf ball and pressing a buzzer every time I saw a white dot.

2. Following my trip to opticians I made my way to Monsoon to seek out the dress that Em saw a few weeks back and now kind of regrets not buying. My plan to buy it as a surprise for her. Knowing full well that they will have had a shift around of stock I still go straight to the rack on the left-hand wall to find it. It’s not there. I have a bit of a look round, feeling mildly uncomfortable looking around a dress shop on my own. At the back of the store I see one which looks similar. I’m fairly certain its not but I casually take a photograph of it on my phone and send it to Em with a bit of a cryptic message. If I can’t surprise her with an actual gift of a dress I can surprise her at work with a picture of a dress. She likes it. And I buy it.

3. I also buy myself a shirt in Next – like the one that Em gave me for my birthday but a different colour.

4. Cycling back to my car, I am glad that I changed into my shorts and sandles after work. Its hot. Very hot.

5. I’ve not seen anything yet, but something is definitely finding my bird feeding station. There are husks in the water bowl… 🙂