1. There was a bizarre sight on the way to work. Whilst stuck nose to tail, inexplicably, on the A34 I had plenty of time to watch as a coach cruised down the opposite carriage-way spewing a plume of acrid smoke of burnt rubber that completely submerged the entire road in smoke for a mile in its wake.

2. So, thousands are facing negative equity on their homes? The reporting of this kind of story annoys me is that it’s not actually such a big problem for most people. Get over yourself, negative equity is only a problem if you want to sell your house, and even then, only if the amount of money you have ‘lost’ is greater than what you need to buy somewhere else. If you move somewhere cheaper the differentials stay the same, and if don’t move, you just sit tight and let the prices move around you – in a few years time its all going to be different anyway.

3. It’s sunny today, and still warm, but noticeably cooler than yesterday. A blanket of cloud is up there as well, it looks like it might be building towards a muggy sort of day. I’ve brought my sandles and shorts to work with me to change into before the cycle home.