The naturally unflusterable Thomas is getting flustered. Em and I are on holiday next week, and whilst this might well be in a rather nice country cottage with very reasonable rates in the New Forest, I still have to be ready for it in order to best relax and enjoy it. Before then, I have:

~ Concert on Saturday night, and thus:
~ Normal band rehearsal on Thursday night
~ Extra band rehearsal with Bicester Concert Band on Tuesday night
~ Nurses appointment this afternoon to have my ears dewaxed
~ Shop for food for this week
~ Shop for food for next week
~ Fit in haircut either Tuesday/Thursday (band conflict?) or Saturday morning
~ Sort out clothes in under bed drawer, chest o’ drawers and wardrobe
~ Sort out remaining loft sorting currently spilling out from under the table in my bedroom

Permit me the uncharacteristic opportunity to thus scream, aaggghhhhhhh!!!!!