1. On Tuesday I went to the Bicester Concert Band rehearsal, and ended up sitting next to a flute player named Lucy. Later on, in answer to her question, Philip made some reference to her being on call. It turned out that she will be one of Em’s vets when she starts her new job next month. Small world.

2. And if to prove that it is indeed a small world, at Thursday’s Abingdon Concert Band rehearsal we had a couple of new players; sisters, one clarinetist and one flautist. Because Sarah decided that, despite just one rehearsal, Saturday’s concert sounded like fun, we got together a complete set of music as we could from duplicates for her to look at but there were gaps, so I offered to scan the remaining ones and email them. It was then that I found out that she works for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and that she knows my aunt and uncle, who have dogs for their weekend training. Small world.

I’m hitting refresh on the Met Office forecast for Saturday. It’s looking better than it was yesterday. Still not brilliant, but with luck, we might get lucky… *crosses fingers*