Em and I had a nice walk at Stowe today before retreating home for lunch and shelter from the hot and sunny weather. It has been too hot to do anything much outside and so I have been engaging with my arty-creative side and creating the ‘flash screen’ for our wedding site. Having replicated the wordpress theme within the password protected innards in an asp home page, I set about creating a subtle Flash animation of pictures of us, and of the wedding venue.

I’m really pleased with it. It’s cool, and elegantly stylish. However it is memory intensive and I did feel that I was pummelling my computer. Quite how much though, I wasn’t aware. As I was finishing up, I killed it to the point of having to switch it off with the metaphorical big red button. Now it won’t boot up, or at least it does but unbearably slowly, to the point of being practically pointless to doing so. I’ve left it to cool down and calm down to investigate tonight.

So I’ve finished up the webpage on Emma’s computer, and you can see the art that killed my computer on Emma & Thomas’s wedding site