This time round I decided to take my car in for its service and MOT the night before, and so I rolled up at The Holt to collect my loan car. They said it had a quarter of a tank of petrol left in it, and so it looked when I first drove the tinny little boy’s toy box off the forecourt. But the Citroen C1 has a really stupid digital display on its pathetically small dashboard, and it wasn’t until I was down the hill and crossing the long and narrow bridge at Lower Heyford (and only about a mile or two at most from the garage) that it went beep-beep-beep and flashed low petrol with one bar remaining. The stupid thing must have just been millilitres from ⅛ of a tank. Damn annoying thing. And the car feels like a tin can, and the radio doesn’t remember its stations. Its not good.