Because Creation Theatre are such an imaginative and great company to go and watch, and because we are not going to get to move for a month or more now, Emma and I decided to go and spend some more money and see their production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. It was a cold but sunny evening as we took our seats, halfway up the castle mound on unfeasibly uncomfortable stools (god-like seats to this theatre production).

Produced with a Spannish-flamenco style, it’s witty and charming and entertaining and great fun. We spot Snowball from Animal Farm joining us in the audience at one point, and I am able to catch up with Creation news when I realise that the person setting herself up in front of us with a coffee and a video camera is Deputy Producer Nicky West (late of arranging my group bookings of yesteryear). Apparently they have been completely down on numbers this year because of the weather and also down on Blackwell group bookings with the death of the social committee.

Much Ado is magical and funny, another great production. Emma and I decide that we really should become friends of the theatre.