Oh. My. God. I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve just got home and opened my post, and from a plain white envelope out drops a cheque – for £14,283! The letter is from my uncle. He has finished finalising my Grandpa’s estate and this is my share of what’s left. I’m stunned, and shocked and taken aback. I knew that it was coming, but even so, not this much.

I’m also not entirely sure how to feel about this. It’s a very welcome sum of money, but I can’t help thinking that it comes at the cost of Grandpa’s life. I will probably be sensible and use some of the money to pay for a new kitchen for our new house but I am also determined to have something for me that is a permanent reminder of Grandpa. Therefore the garage of our new house will hence-forth be known as The Print Room, and I shall buy myself an etching press like this one:

In memory of Grandpa

Grandpa was always a very practical kind of person, liking his photography and his woodwork, so I figure that something like this that is proper engineering and not the latest tech-gadget will be a proper lasting memory. I think I might even get a small brass plate engraved for it.

Grandpa, I will remember you forever.