With our move a month away (and one week of that taken out for our Snowdonia holiday) Em and I decided that we really ought to get a move on with doing some preliminary research for house-type purchases. To this end we headed out to John Lewis on the Handy Cross roundabout and therein had a slightly surreal time wandering round trying out beds and sofas and looking at kitchens with the knowledge that its not just idle dreaming but that we can actually buy stuff (my mum and dad announced recently that they wanted to buy us a new bed and three-piece suite as a wedding/house-warming present).

But we are sensible. We have a list of things to look for, and then regroup in the canteen over tea and cake to add up our potential purchases to make sure we’re not overspending. We’re not, even by going for the expensive but very comfortable Vi-Spring mattress with the Touch of PineOak bed.

Choosing a sofa became a bit more complicated – having to move backwards and forwards across the shop to try and try again, in turn our shortlist of two sofas before finally, definitely, settling on the Indiana range … maybe.

We browsed some new shades for my lamps (they needed to be replaced anyway) and indulged ourselves in some cute new bedside lanterns reduced to half-price before we got to the real indulgence.

If we are to go to Namibia on honeymoon next year then we want to make sure we capture some good photographs of the time there. I’ve also long wanted one of these, and with Grandpa’s money I have the funds, and since he had a love of photography and his own developing it would also be appropriate, and so I visited the camera department, chatted to a very helpful person there, and bought (for both Emma and I) a Nikon D80 DSLR camera with 18-135mm lens. Very nice! 🙂