Today we had a bit of a walk in the woods and a visit to Bicester Avenue where we had a look in the new Hobbycraft (very nice! will be spending more time in there…) and bought new weed for the fish tank. I also bought myself a fish to go with George and Antoine(tte), and his name is Alfonse.

Back home for a late lunch, and a surprise phone call in the middle of the afternoon as Em was in the middle of cleaning out the fishies. A week or so ago I had sent an email to Audley Travel – having found out about them after they didn’t give me the Web Content Editor job a year or so ago – to find out what they can offer by way of holidays to Namibia. At the time I was thinking, what with them being a ‘bespoke travel company’ they would be hideously over our budget but also being local and knowing a bit about them I thought it would be fun asking.

What I wasn’t expecting was the phone call on a Sunday afternoon from our travel consultant called James. He had been looking up potential itineraries and wanted to talk some more to us about it; which we did. He seemed to be speaking our language when it came to the kind of holiday we wanted and made it all sound so very, very easy, and the upshot of it is is that for not much more (or even about the same) as a group trip with the likes of Exodus or Explore, he could do us a totally bespoke holiday leaving days after our wedding!

He’s going to prepare a draft itinerary and send it to us to look through… 🙂