Well, we’re in. We’re surrounded by boxes – in fact we can’t move for boxes – but we’re in. I don’t think I ever really grasped just how much stuff I have. But I do have a lot of stuff. So much stuff, the removals men were saying they’ve seen less come out 4-bed houses they had begun to suspect that I had knocked through my loft to next door and was fetching stuff out of there.

We got the call from our solicitor early on that our money had gone through and that the next people we’d hear from were the estate agents but it took longer for the house we’re buying to go through. Despite the amount of stuff, the men had everything packed and loaded onto the back of the aging lorry buy lunchtime. We were left, in sunny weather to sit in my empty house. Emma went to get some lunch from our local Tesco and I gave my house a last look round, taking photos of my first house. We ate lunch on the lounge floor and we got the call that Alexanders had our keys ready for collection. Suddenly it was time to lock the doors on Cypress Gardens for the last time, and yes, I was emotional about it. I’m excited about moving on, but this house has been mine, been special, been good to me for seven and a half of years. It’s difficult.

By the time that I got back with the keys the John Lewis man had been and delivered our 76 kilos of new mattress to the new house, and Em and I entered. Within hours we were all in, and fast realising that having been packed we had absolutely no clue where anything was packed. It seems both sensible and ridiculous for movers to label boxes according to what room they came from but when you come from a 1-bed house and into a 3-bed house there are going to be things that don’t go back into the room whence they come.

I manage to assemble our new bed though – gloriously oak, it is beautiful. And the mattress, for all its 76 kilos, it’s luxuriously comfortable and Vi-sprung. Nice! 🙂

We do some unpacking – enough to get about – before going round to Dominos Pizza to get dinner in, where we also go in the new Polish shop next door and buy some very nice Polish lime-ade with which to wash down our pizza…