Due to holiday and moving house I’d missed the first couple of this year’s band rehearsals, thus, tonight was the first band night since July sometime. All I can say, is that it is a good job, that I took charge of packing my flute separately rather than relying on Bicester Removals.

That’s the thing with removers, I can see how it makes sense in terms of speed to pack boxes as you find the stuff in the room and label them with the room from whence they came (and if you move from House A of x-size to House B of x-size, I can see how this would work) but when House B is of y-size and what came out of one room is highly unlikely to go back into a corresponding room, then it does make it bloody irritating, nigh well impossible to find things when you need them. There’s so many things that we know we have and are within these four walls if only we could identify which of many identical boxes they are in.