Some say that Friday night’s are for chilling out and relaxing. Some say that Friday nights are for going out partying. For Em and I, this particular Friday night was devoted to the pursuit of a box free house. I got home reasonably early from work and it was Em’s day off, so we were able to get stuck in reducing the boxes still further.

It being Em’s day off today her Mum and Grannie came for a visit, and a tour of the ‘estate’ and gave some help in unpacking things. With the delivery yesterday of the dresser Emma has been able to reduce the one of the big culprits box-wise – the other being my love of books – in that now there is a place for all the Denby Greenwheat china.

We’ve now settled down with a Chinese from round the corner, some prawn crackers and Toby on Gardener’s World, and we are box-free in the downstairs of the house, well, almost… 😉